Ahlstrom sponsoring Mont Blanc initiative

This coming month, Ahlstrom is supporting the “Sunday Runners”; a group of fifteen young hiking enthusiasts from the region of Lyon, France; who are trekking the notorious “TMB” (Tour du Mont Blanc); a challenging hike which circumnavigates the Mont Blanc mountain.


In an effort to promote values close to our hearts such as respect for nature, solidarity and wellbeing, Ahlstrom is supporting a group of young sportsmen and women to trek around the famous peak.


The Sunday runners: carrying forward solid values

The Sunday Runners is a sports association created by several sports studies students, unified by the passion of sports and what it stands for: self-challenge, solidarity, respect and physical and mental wellbeing.


The Mont Blanc loop project is a way for them to vehicle the values of their association but also draw people’s attention to the wilderness and the need to preserve it.


The TMB, a mythical trail

The “Tour du Mont Blanc” is a walking trail in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps totaling 180km (112 miles) that loops around the Mont Blanc, starting and finishing near Chamonix, France.

The highest point reached is 2,584m (8,478ft) and the height gain around the whole tour is around 10,600m (35,000ft).

The fifteen Sunday Runners plan to complete the loop in 11 days and 10 nights, which should give them time to admire the scenery and reflect on their experience through their blog.


Living Ahlstrom values

To enable the Sunday runners to carry out their project, Ahlstrom has committed to sponsoring their accommodation needs for the entire duration of the hike.


Ensuring that the group fully understood Ahlstrom and our activities, the first step was for the group to visit GPTD’s facilities in Pont Evêque, France.


After an overview of the company, the Sunday Runners visited the pilot plant and the lab and by the end of the visit, were up to speed on what the company makes!






Véronique Delannoy, Marketing Manager Food & Medical gave a tour of the facilities to the Sunday runners






To allow the Sunday Runners to experience Ahlstrom to the fullest, they left the facilities with a goodie bag including a bottle with a Disruptor® filter to filter the mountain water.


Making sure the team stops to refresh themselves, we threw two challenges at them:


  • Challenge nb 1: Bake a cake with our NatureMold™ parchment molds in their first refuge in the mountains, and share the cake with all the visitors of the refuge


  • Challenge nb 2: Make tea with water from the mountain (filtered with the Disruptor® bottle), plants from the mountains (no worries, one of them is an expert!) and a few BioWeb® sheets (our green tea bag material) that they will have to seal themselves!


In terms of visibility, each of them will have a T-shirt proudly displaying Ahlstrom, and they will capture their adventures on their blog and Facebook page.


We will be sure to give you regular updates on their hiking troop. Go Sunday Runners!



Follow them on their blog : http://sundayrunners.unblog.fr/

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